Bridge Detailing

DeSimone’s production team includes a dedicated bridge crew to make your bridge project a success. From new footbridges, highways, and railway structures to repair and modernization work on large bridges, no bridge detailing job is too simple or too complex for our expert team. Many of DeSimone’s senior staff have NISD Individual Detailer Certifications (IDC) Class 1, while the company is a NISD Quality Procedures Program QPP Certified participant.

  • 3D models
  • shop drawings
  • erection drawings
  • placement drawings
  • blocking diagrams
  • bills of material
  • CNC files
  • CSV files
  • plate development details, including allowances for cutting / burning
  • center of gravity information

Types of bridge structures DeSimone has extensive experience with:

  • Highway Bridges and Overpasses
  • Pedestrian Foot Bridges
  • Rail Bridges
  • Bridge Structural Repair and Upgrades
  • Signal Bridges
  • Rail Stations and Structures