DeSimone Announces Liz Peterson as Director of The Collaborative Network, a Property Loss Consulting Service

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January 23, 2017

DeSimone Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce that Liz Peterson has been named Director of the Collaborative Network, a new Property Loss Consulting service designed to enhance the firm’s ability to respond to our clients’ emerging needs.

In addition to DeSimone’s current staff of over 300 professionals, which include structural, architectural, and MEP engineers, the Collaborative Network provides access to over 1,000 multi-disciplinary engineers that have spent their career working on specific types of equipment, building, or plant and facilities design or operation for their given industry. The Collaborative Network provides solutions for specialty losses where the specificity of the engineer’s experience is critical to managing the project.

Prior to joining DeSimone, Ms. Peterson led Douglas G. Peterson & Associates, Inc. from 2014-2016. Today, she is responsible for managing the Property Loss Consulting and Forensic Practice’s global resources, day-to-day operations, and responding to our clients with respect to the unique needs of each loss.

For additional details, please contact Liz Peterson:

Phone: 917.733.1939

To contact us with a new assignment:

Phone: 1-888-DCE-PLC-1 (323-7521)