DeSimone’s Evan Prado Contributes to the 2016 AISC Specification Guide for Structural Steel Buildings


February 17, 2017

Assessment of Basic Steel I-section Beam Bracing Requirements by Test Simulation Under the Guidance of Dr. Don White

Evan Prado, Project Engineer
DeSimone | Miami

Evan Prado’s study involved over 1200 refined non-linear inelastic finite element models generated and analyzed in the finite element software Abaqus. The results were compared with current AISC Appendix 6 bracing requirements. A comprehensive set of shear panel, nodal lateral, and nodal torsional bracing configurations and appropriate combinations with varied brace stiffness were studied under pure bending for different member un-braced lengths, number of intermediate braces, and compression or tension flange bracing for a W21x44 hot-rolled steel section.

Evan’s research is referenced throughout the new 2016 revision of the AISC standard Structural Steel Buildings Specification which supersedes the 2010 version (ANSI/AISC 360-10). It has been approved by the AISC Committee on Specifications and is ANSI-accredited and forms the basis for the 15th Edition Steel Construction Manual, which is scheduled to be published in the third quarter of 2017.

Except by Evan Prado | Project Engineer, DeSimone Miami

Read the entire thesis here.

Access the revised AISC Structural Steel Buildings Specification here.