Engineering Is Booming. Private Equity Wants In: Bisnow speaks with Stephen DeSimone

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July 9, 2024

This week, CEO Stephen DeSimone is featured in a Bisnow article about private equity in the engineering sector. According to the article, our sector is booming, and private equity firms are taking notice. Engineering firms—like DeSimone—behind towering skyscrapers, sprawling developments, and buzzing retail centers are now being recognized for their full value. Some engineering firms are even fielding acquisition offers on an almost weekly basis.

However, this trend is a matter of debate. “It’s potentially harmful in that private equity firms are going to put profits above relationships and quality,” DeSimone said. “But I also think it’s going to be helpful [to the engineering industry] because the firms that realize the threat are going to be forced to really up their game.”

Read more about the impact of private equity investment on the A/E/C industry—including the values of client service and relationships core to DeSimone— in the context of company growth and industry consolidation.

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