Introducing DeSimone’s Environmental Risk Management Services

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January 22, 2020

DeSimone Consulting Engineers is pleased to introduce the firm’s Environmental Risk Management Services to support our clients with identification, investigation, mitigation, and management of environmental risks and potential liabilities. Our environmental professionals work collaboratively with DeSimone’s multidisciplinary engineering team to solve complex technical and regulatory challenges to support our clients’ strategic decision-making and achieve regulatory compliance throughout a project life-cycle.

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Environmental Science

Yoko Masue-Slowey, PhD
Lead Environmental Scientist

Dr. Masue-Slowey has over 17 years of academic and professional experience solving complex environmental issues and claims associated with natural and synthetic chemicals in the environment. Dr. Masue-Slowey applies wide-ranging knowledge of environmental chemistry, chemical source identification, environmental partitioning and forensics, soil science and mineralogy of soil and sediment, and industrial archaeology to assess risks and uncertainties associated with complex environmental issues. She has supported environmental litigations and risk management in a wide variety of industrial settings and regulatory framework. Before her consulting career, she was a researcher and instructor at Stanford University and UC-Santa Barbara

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