Introducing Richard Ladroga

Press Releases

October 4, 2017

Director, Energy Group – Property Loss Consulting and Forensics Practice

DeSimone Consulting Engineers is pleased to welcome Richard Ladroga. As a Director within DeSimone’s Property Loss Consulting and Forensics Practice, Mr. Ladroga provides leadership, management, and technical oversight of the firm’s energy team.

With over 28 years of professional experience as an electrical power systems engineer, Mr. Ladroga has earned extensive experience in analysis, design, testing, risk assessment, and forensic investigations of a large variety of projects involving electrical power systems including substation design to 500 KV. Throughout the course of his career, he has also performed electrical system design for power generation facilities, including nuclear, fossil fuels, and hydro; for large scale microwave communication systems; large scale waste water treatment systems; aluminum and steel ore smelting foundries; petrochemical drilling fields and refineries; pulp and paper manufacturing; mining; industrial, commercial, healthcare and universities, and high-rise buildings.

“We are delighted with Richard’s addition to the Property Loss Consulting and Forensics team. His extensive experience with electrical power systems will add tremendous value to our MEP and energy investigations in the US and abroad.”
Stephen V. DeSimone
CEO and President, DeSimone Consulting Engineers

“Rick brings a wealth of experience to our firm, greatly expanding our ability to serve our power generation and transmission clients throughout the world. As an expert in the field, his leadership, technical knowledge, and diverse interests in the industry bring a new dimension to our organization – one that affords us an opportunity to provide solid answers to complex questions, while meeting the challenges of operating in the energy sector.”
Charles Meade
Managing Director of Forensics, DeSimone Consulting Engineers

Mr. Ladroga has also performed numerous electrical contact investigations. These investigations involved either serious personal injury or fatalities. Mr. Ladroga has contributed his expertise to revise electrical safety training manuals and courses in the industry.

Mr. Ladroga earned his Associates Degree in Electronics Engineering and his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Power Systems from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.