Performance-Based Design: Driving Innovation and Efficiency in the Built Environment


June 15, 2023

DeSimone Consulting Engineering hosts a panel of architecture and engineering experts from DeSimone and Gensler

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, DeSimone Consulting Engineering hosted its second panel discussion ‘Performance-Based Design: Driving Innovation and Efficiency in the Built Environment’ at DeSimone’s London office. John Viise, Managing Principal and Jeff Dragovich, Associate from DeSimone’s Chicago office, and guest Russell Gilchrist, Design Director and Principal at Gensler London, discussed the collaboration between structural engineers and architects, exploring how they can work together to drive innovation and efficiency by adopting Performance-Based Design (PBD) principles.

The PBD approach offers a deeper understanding of a building’s likely performance that allows for unique architectural design that may not be possible to achieve following prescriptive code design. PBD enables the use of innovative structural systems and materials, allowing for greater design freedom, more efficient buildings, and potentially reduced costs and carbon emissions over the lifetime of the building. By embracing a PBD approach, the design team and stakeholders can better understand the spaces they are designing, assess the impact of different design options, and make more informed project decisions.

Thanks to our speakers and to Lindel Reid, Managing Principal from DeSimone’s London office for moderating the event.


















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