Proactively Manage Potential COVID-19 Coverage Risks

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May 21, 2020

Risk management is a vital exercise in times of uncertainty.

As we find ourselves a solid two months into various stages of quarantine and re-opening plans throughout the country, one thing remains clear. There have been significant impacts to our economy and most notably, to the construction industry. DeSimone is well positioned to respond to the needs of our clients as jobsites and businesses re-open and begin returning to prior levels of activity. Our construction claims and forensic professionals are here to assist in the quantification of COVID-19-related time and cost impacts for our clients. Whether it’s assessing the reasonableness of an Insured’s submitted claims; or assisting in the development of Project Restart Schedules, DeSimone can lend a hand as we head into the jump start phase of our economy.

We are here is to support you and your business, offering a tailored, proactive, and targeted strategy to assess vulnerabilities and potential losses as a result of COVID-19. We recognize that these are unprecedented times which can trigger a variety of policies and coverages, such as business interruption (including contingent business interruption claims), builder’s risk and delayed completion coverage, liability losses, as well as environmental and pollution coverage issues, to name a few.

In terms of coverage for COVID-19 related issues, it’s extremely important to note some of the trends and issues before us all:

  • Every policy is different. Reading their terms, conditions, and endorsements is of paramount importance. Remember: you can insure anything, and anything can be excluded.
    • Courts interpret policies broadly. 
    • Viral exclusions may not bar coverage. Courts may find that this exclusion does not apply to civil authority coverage
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Many clients are being told they have nothing to lose by making a claim. Therefore, the need to protect, track, and retain jobsite records is more acute than ever.

DeSimone’s Risk Management Team can evaluate your projects or portfolio for delay, loss of productivity, or any hindrances which currently affect their progress. More importantly, we can offer peace of mind by developing potential mitigation strategies to keep projects on track and identifying and managing potential exposure. The following services can provide the tools necessary to sort legitimate COVID-19 delay impacts from residual delays that preceded the current pandemic:

  • CPM Schedule Analysis (delay analysis and project completion scheduling)
    • Isolate the status of the Project “Pre-Loss versus Post Loss”
  • Labor Productivity Analysis
  • 3D Laser Scanning to document as-built conditions
  • Claims Preparation and Data Management
  • Cost & Damages Analysis
  • Builder’s Risk and Insurance Claims
  • Path Forward Risk Mitigation
  • Troubled Project Turnaround
  • Cost-to-Complete Analysis
  • Project Oversight / Construction Monitoring
  • Liability, Claims & Litigation Support

DeSimone’s Emergency Response experts and Forensic Engineers are organized to locally support clients around the country and around the globe, with offices in the United States, South America, and the Middle East. Keeping abreast of the current safety implementations, we also rely on state-of-the-art technology including multi-sensor sUAS (drones), 3D laser scanning, Interactive Mapping / GIS, and other forms of remote sensing, all connected by a robust, portable data server and satellite-based communications and telemetry.

This technology enables us to assess projects from a boots-on-the-ground perspective amidst current travel restrictions and social distancing measures. Our goal, however executed, is to ensure that protective measures are being implemented, and costs are being tracked appropriately and regularly.

While we cannot predict how and when the COVID-19 outbreak will settle, we can utilize our risk management skills to help you prepare and protect your business. Please contact us to evaluate your projects.

Brian Schenck