Real Estate Weekly – Triangle Plaza Hub

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June 9, 2014

Real Estate Weekly – Triangle Plaza Hub
Several milestones have been achieved in the development of Triangle Plaza Hub, DeSimone’s new South Bronx revitalization project. They have been highlighted in Real Estate Weekly online.

Triangle has successfully navigated an important aspect of the construction process.
Following completion of substantial underground work in immediate proximity to live subway rail tracks, the first steel columns, which will support the two-story structure, have gone into the ground.

Triangle Plaza Hub, located on the trapezoidal block bordered by East 149th Street, Brook, Westchester and Bergen Avenues in the South Bronx, will be a new mixed-use commercial and community facility. The project will revitalize the former bustling urban center by creating two new buildings that will house a food store, restaurant and retail space on the ground floor, a second floor fitness center, and offices.