808 Brannan – Pinterest Headquarters Seismic UpgradeSan Francisco, California

  • Located in San Francisco, California
  • Consists of two adjacent structures
  • A 2-story structure with a partial basement, comprised of a wood floor and roof system supported by both timber and steel columns
  • A 1-story steel building with a wood roof structure, which is a historic landmark built in 1938
  • Seismic ties are used to join the two structures into a single space
  • A comprehensive Probable Maximum Loss (PML) seismic risk assessment of the combined structure was conducted
  • As a result, several seismic upgrade options were developed and implemented with a goal of reducing the overall exposure to below a 20% PML level
  • An 8,000 sf mezzanine expansion is incorporated into the seismic upgrade along with several structural strengthening measures