IAC HeadquartersNew York, New York

  • The 190,000 sf office building houses public areas and restaurants in addition to basic office functions
  • Reminiscent of boat sails, the billowing exterior design produces dramatic angles and spectacular views
  • This complex exterior is created using a sculpted reinforced concrete structure delicately clad with an all-glass curtain wall system
  • A highly integrated interior and exterior environment, the form itself is broken down into five two-tier modules
  • The modules are twisted to create the building’s dynamic form
  • Concrete provides the ideal structural solution and an innovative way to achieve the complex set requirements of this atypical office building
  • The sculptural glass façade is created using complex, multi-directionally curved curtainwall panels
  • Structural slabs support these heavy panels
  • The slabs cantilever varying distances beyond the perimeter columns and are sloped to conform to the design
  • Interior spans exceed 35 feet in many locations to accommodate the open office environment
  • The 3D model provides key coordinate information to demystify problematic areas
  • To help assimilate the 3D information, each floor plan is dotted with hundreds of coordinates to help define the true conditions
  • Awards:
    NCSEA – Excellence Award, Structural Engineering 2008
    ACEC National – Engineering Excellence Award Finalist 2007
    ACEC New York – Diamond Award, Structural Systems 2007
    CIB Roger H. Corbetta Awards – The Annual Award 2006
    New York Construction Awards – Best of 2006