Miami Children’s Hospital Expansion and RenovationMiami, Florida

  • An expansion and renovation project, as part of Miami Children’s Hospital “Building on a Dream” campaign
  • Enhances the quality of care and service to the families
  • The 68,000 sf Ambulatory Care Building is designed to expand specialized programs to meet demands for service
  • Houses the hospital’s Pediatric Care Center, Congenital Heart Institute, Brain Institute, Plastic Surgery and the Craniofacial Center, as well as a new café
  • Includes further development of the MRI building, along with an adjacent 20 feet connector bridge that joins the building to the 196 Blank Building
  • Also includes a three-story addition used as a conference center, a PICU/NICU expansion, courtyard infill and a new entry at the Variety Building
  • Build to withstand a wind speed of 178 miles per hour and meets a large missile impact criteria consisting of a nine-pound missile traveling at 80 feet per second
  • Awards:
    New York Association of Consulting Engineers Award 2003