Millennium Hotel, SunnyvaleSunnyvale, California

  • Located on 1250 Lakeside Drive in Sunnyvale, California, project is a 270,000 sf Millennium Hotel including amenity space and a 110,000 sf garage
  • Five-story hotel room portion of the project is a modular construction and transfers out on the second floor
  • This portion of the structure has a total design area of 68,000 sf
  • Hotel levels are tiered so that at the southwest corner of the site there is only a single level of hotel rooms
  • The roof of each of the tiered levels contains outdoor terrace space; this space includes the elevator cores, terrace roofs with landscaping, sloping parapets, and various amenity spaces
  • Garage has a non-structural slab on grade at the ground floor and two elevated floors with 74,000 sf of space