Paramount – Miami World CenterMiami , Florida

  • Centrally located in the Miami World Center development in Miami, FL
  • Architecturally inspired by Iguazu Falls in Brazil with unique floor plates and glass façade
  • Comprises of a reinforced concrete shear wall lateral support structure including a concrete belt truss to reduce the effect of wind induced torsion
  • Contains a gravity-load carrying structure utilizing post-tensioned concrete slabs and reinforced concrete columns
  • The need to create large, multi-story penetrations in the typical shear walls was one of the structural challenges
  • The building’s stiffness was greatly reduced and required more refined analysis techniques
  • The transition from a non-orthogonal column layout in the Tower to a column grid layout in the podium proved another structural challenge. Skymat, a large and elevated slab, was introduced to transfer column loads to columns below