The CentriaNew York, New York

  • Located at the south end of Rockefeller Plaza in midtown Manhattan
  • A 33-story sleek glass residential tower that creates 152 luxury condominium units
  • Contains two basement sub-levels and features residential space as well as amenities that include a spa, conference center, a club room and lounge
  • Abstractly the building resembles a fractured shaft
  • The main facade tilts back from the base toward the summit, while a superimposed rectilinear plane provides order and harmony to the design
  • Clad in a two-tone blue-gray glass curtain wall system, the facade transforms with time, depending on the light
  • The largest application of an innovative glazing material in the commercial market
  • The Centria employs cast-in-place concrete slabs, beams, columns, and structural walls throughout the superstructure
  • High strength concrete is utilized at the superstructure to minimize column and wall sizes and provide the lateral rigidity required to resist wind and seismic loading
  • Awards:
    Building of America Award 2007