The Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery ParkNew York, New York

  • A 38-story mixed-use tower located at the southern-most tip of Manhattan
  • The 550,000 sf building contains a five-star hotel, luxury condominiums, and has the distinct honor of housing the New York Skyscraper Museum
  • The entire structure is founded on 600 200-ton piles, extending through the landfill and bear directly on the bedrock below
  • The proximity to the Hudson River and the required depth of excavation needed designing a foundation system capable of resisting as much as 18 feet of water pressure
  • The tower structure is comprised of reinforced concrete walls and columns supporting flat-plate slab construction
  • A coupled shear wall system resists high wind loading and provides the energy dissipating capabilities necessary for resisting seismic loads
  • Awards:
    New York Construction Awards – Residential Project of the Year 2001