Reinforced Concrete (Rebar) Modeling and Detailing

The process of creating detailed drawings used in the construction of reinforced concrete structures is known as reinforced concrete detailing, or rebar detailing. DeSimone’s detailing teams are skilled in the delivery of complex reinforced concrete projects and have decades’ worth of experience detailing rebar systems. Our drawings and specifications provide the necessary information to properly fabricate, place, and finish the concrete and rebar reinforcement of the structure with precision.

DeSimone’s reinforced concrete detailing team offerings include:

  • Reviewing the design drawings and specifications
  • Developing the reinforced steel layout
  • Creating detailed drawings
  • Specifying materials and methods
  • 3D models
  • shop drawings
  • erection drawings
  • placement drawings
  • blocking diagrams
  • bills of material
  • CNC files
  • CSV files