Construction Consulting Services

DeSimone’s Construction Consulting Services team comprises a diverse group of experienced design, construction, and environmental professionals. Together, our experts identify, investigate, mitigate, and manage risks and potential liabilities for project owners, general and specialty contractors, government agencies, financial institutions, legal entities, communities, and other industry stakeholders.

Our construction and environmental risk management team collaborates with DeSimone’s design engineers and forensics consultants to identify and deliver end-to-end risk management solutions that support effective decision making. This collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach uniquely enables DeSimone to provide expert risk management services throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

Construction Risk Management Services

  • Project Management/Advisory
  • Claims and Dispute Resolution
  • Surety Consulting
  • Value Engineering

Environmental Risk Management Services

  • Liabilities and Claims Support
  • Environmental Litigation Support
  • Strategic Consultation on Chemicals of Emerging Concerns (e.g., PFAS)
  • Risk Communication
  • Strategic Scientific Research
  • Environmental Assessment and Investigation
  • Site Remediation Engineering
  • Regulatory Compliance and Oversight

International Arbitration

  • Early Assessment of Claims
  • Strategies and Methodologies for Quantifying Damages
  • Cost Overruns/Schedule Delays Analysis
  • Evaluation of Damage History and Potential Risk
  • Required Expertise, Evidence, and Documentation Advisement
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