International Arbitration

As international leaders and active practitioners, DeSimone provides specialty arbitration support services for the civil engineering, design, construction, and environmental disciplines. DeSimone’s global offices are strategically located so we can quickly respond and assist in analyzing highly complex issues around the built environment. Our technically and culturally diverse consultants consider each client’s specific and unique contexts, technical and strategic challenges, and industry-related dynamics. We have successfully applied our unique set of tools and industry insights to solve complex disasters, accidents, construction delays and defects, material failures, and emerging environmental issues.

Multinational industrial clients and international law firms select and appoint DeSimone’s experts for quantum, engineering, scientific, delay, disruption, and damages on a wide range of international arbitration cases including:

  • Oil, gas, and chemicals
  • Buildings
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Power and utilities
  • Natural resources
  • Transportation infrastructure

DeSimone provides full support during the arbitration process, including:

  • Early assessment of the merits of a claim and consultation on further actions
  • Strategies and methodologies for quantifying damages
  • Preparing and analyzing cost overruns and schedule delays
  • Evaluating claims in the context of past and potential future damages incurred
  • Advice on the exact type of expertise, evidence, and documentation required

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