Integrated Design and Detailing

Alongside conventional steel detailing services, DeSimone offers an integrated design and detailing approach created to save our clients time, money, and frustration. In a conventional design workflow, detailing consultants are brought in to review specifications after 90% of the structure has been designed, creating a lengthy back-and-forth between detailers, architects, and engineering teams. Our innovative process includes the detailing teams earlier in the process, roughly 50% of the way through design so that detailers and designers can work hand-in-glove to resolve a project’s design together.  As architecture and structural teams work to develop their designs, the detailing team simultaneously builds a 3D model of the structural elements of the building, allowing us to work directly with the engineer and solve design issues on the fly rather than waiting weeks for RFIs to be answered and coordinated through various parties. Instead of relying on 2D drawings, our team creates a precise 3D model that the steel fabricator or mass timber supplier can more accurately estimate from. Once the fabricator/supplier is selected, DeSimone then generates drawings for them, incorporating whatever their specific shop standards or preferences are.

DeSimone’s Integrated Design and Detailing service exemplifies the company’s digital-first workflow and supports a broader approach to digital design. DeSimone is known for providing value to project stakeholders early in the construction process whether for a design-build project or as part of a more traditional workflow. In fact, DeSimone has participated in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) teams at the early stages of many notable design-build BIM projects. With specialized construction knowledge and tested collaboration methods and applications, DeSimone has achieved and delivered value through true integration between design and construction.

Digital design services include:

  • Constructability Consulting employing applications like Tekla Structures and QNECT
  • Component integration and 4D/5D modeling/construction services
  • Pre-Construction Modeling
  • LOD 400 Modeling

Building Modeling services include:

  • Shop Drawings (Steel, Rebar and Mass Timber)
  • BIM Coordination
  • Multi-disciplinary clash detection/prevention and clash reports
  • On-site coordination meetings/visits with Augmented Reality assets for monitoring construction progress and accuracy.
  • As-Built Drawings: Provide final coordinated digital asset (3D model and drawings) for Architects & Engineers to review. This can be utilized for upgrades, maintenance and facilities management, as well as a design reference for future projects.
  • 4D BIM – Construction Planning & Sequencing: Provide schedule data into the BIM model for construction simulations and for tracking construction sequence progress.
  • 5D BIM – Quantity Take-Off/ Material Take-Off: Provide real-time extraction of BOM and BOQ data from fully developed parametric building components of the virtual model.

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