Structural Detailing

In addition to the innovative structural design and analysis services DeSimone provides to architects, owners, and developers, we also perform structural steel detailing for all types of buildings at all project phases. Our steel detailing service supports the delivery of complex and innovative building projects, including transportation infrastructure, industrial and energy projects, commercial buildings, educational spaces, gaming and entertainment projects, and theme park structures. With industry-leading digital modeling approaches and a 50-year legacy of executing some of the world’s most challenging engineering and design projects, DeSimone’s steel detailing teams can shepherd clients’ visions from ideas to reality.

Steel Detailing

With over 50 years of experience providing 3D structural modeling and steel detailing services for construction projects of any size (specializing in large-scale and highly complex projects), DeSimone’s dedicated structural steel detailing team provides best-in-class service for projects requiring structural steel, miscellaneous steel, and plate work.

  • pre-construction modeling
  • connection design
  • project management
  • model and drawing review
  • shop and erection drawings
  • structural BIM coordination

Bridge Detailing

DeSimone’s production team includes a dedicated bridge crew to make your bridge project a success. From new footbridges, highways, and railway structures to repair and modernization work on large bridges, no bridge detailing job is too simple or too complex for our expert team. Many of DeSimone’s senior staff have NISD Individual Detailer Certifications (IDC) Class 1, while the company is a NISD Quality Procedures Program QPP Certified participant.

  • 3D models
  • shop drawings
  • erection drawings
  • placement drawings
  • blocking diagrams
  • bills of material
  • CNC files
  • CSV files
  • plate development details, including allowances for cutting / burning
  • center of gravity information

Types of bridge structures DeSimone has extensive experience with:

  • Highway Bridges and Overpasses
  • Pedestrian Foot Bridges
  • Rail Bridges
  • Bridge Structural Repair and Upgrades
  • Signal Bridges
  • Rail Stations and Structures

Reinforced Concrete (Rebar) Modeling and Detailing

The process of creating detailed drawings used in the construction of reinforced concrete structures is known as reinforced concrete detailing, or rebar detailing. DeSimone’s detailing teams are skilled in the delivery of complex reinforced concrete projects and have decades’ worth of experience detailing rebar systems. Our drawings and specifications provide the necessary information to properly fabricate, place, and finish the concrete and rebar reinforcement of the structure with precision.

DeSimone’s reinforced concrete detailing team offerings include:

  • Reviewing the design drawings and specifications
  • Developing the reinforced steel layout
  • Creating detailed drawings
  • Specifying materials and methods
  • 3D models
  • shop drawings
  • erection drawings
  • placement drawings
  • blocking diagrams
  • bills of material
  • CNC files
  • CSV files

Mass Timber Detailing

As efforts to make the building industry more sustainable continue to gain steam, DeSimone’s steel detailing team has grown to specialize in mass timber detailing. Because of certain efficiencies and advantages inherent to mass timber, utilizing this structural approach offers immediate benefits to project timeline and deliver. DeSimone’s mass timber detailing team can leverage mass timber to optimize pre-construction planning to reduce problems that can occur on the construction site and reduce or eliminate material waste while saving materials, time, carbon emissions, and money.

Beginning with 2D architectural and structural drawings, DeSimone develops accurate digital models for all Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam), Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), steel connections and associated hardware. Using our digital models, we generate the shop drawings for CLT panels, Glulam and steel connectors. Our mass timber detailing team can help ensure the smooth and timely delivery of any and all mass timber projects.

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